The Original Members Bike Club (TOMBC) also known as The Original Mineola Bike Club was established in 2010 and reformed in 2014. TOMBC provides challenging rides geared towards local cyclists looking to bring their cycling experience to a higher level. Our rides, training sessions and competitions will keep you stimulated, informed and hungry for more. If you're looking to bring your cycling experience to the next level give TOMBC a try.  


TOMBC members range from intermediate to advanced.  Our group rides are designed for cyclists that are experienced and that understand how to ride in a group.  All riders must have a basic understanding of how to ride in a pack and must be able to ride for long periods of time in varying terrain prior to riding with TOMBC.  


We are NOT a business based club in which money or a shop dictates how the club should run.  The members of TOMBC are the driving force and this is why we renamed the club to Members Bike Club.  Although we have wonderful sponsors to provide for our cycling needs, it is the MEMBERS that influence the future and growth of the club.  

Thank you to our sponsors:

TOMBC meets every Saturday and Sunday for club rides. All rides start at 8:00 am (subject to change).  Ride details will be posted on the TOMBC Facebook group page and our website weekly.


All rides will move at a challenging tempo and will often push the group's limits.  After every hard efforts such as climbs, long fast flat sections, sprints, etc., the groups will regroup. Anyone that fails to stay with the group will have a chance to rejoin the group. The group will wait for riders either by soft pedaling or by stopping at intersections. Regrouping will be done within reason as to not interrupt the flow of the ride.  It is each rider's responsibility to know the route in case they are unable to rejoin the group after the allotted time. Maps of routes are available weekly as a GARMIN link and should be reviewed or uploaded onto your bike computer to ensure you can return to the starting location safely.


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       TOMBC Virtual Jersey Competition!!!! Every Sunday!


    *Season VJ Competition winners will recieve gift cards courtesy of Brickwell Cycles!!! 


Ron     Malone

You'll often see him pulling the group on rides or pulling up next to someone to give them constructive advice or suggestions. One thing is for sure, he'll do it with a smile on his face or laughing out loud. Besides being a great addition to TOMBC as a person, Ron has an impressive list of accomplishments as an athlete. Cycling and triathlons make up only about a 1/4 of his overall achievements. To name a few, in 2012 Ron placed 3rd in his age group at the Pat Griskis Regional Championships Triathlon and qualaified for nationals. In 2013 he placed 3rd overall and 1st in his age group at the Deep Pond Triathlon. He broke the record on the bike leg at the Oyster Bay Triathlon and came in 12th overall. He also placed 2nd in his age group at the Montauk Lighthouse Triathlon. He also came in 38th overall at the 2013 NJ Gran Fondo. At the 2014 NY Gran Fondo, Ron came in 32nd overall and came in 1st place at the 2014 Medio Gran Fondo New Jersey. Ron has also trained in the French alps twice and in the Italian alps and Switzerland. With all that experience Ron is sure to positively influence TOMBC. 



Mike Infantolino

Don't be surprised if you see Mike climbing at the front of the pack or putting in a strong sprint at the end of the ride. Mike has trained very hard in the last couple of years both indoors and out and it's showing.  He has also lost a significant amount of weight and has really fine tuned his technique with smoother pedaling and a lower position. Mike has also shown lots of dedication TOMBC by keeping the Virtual Jersey Records, being at almost every club ride and trip and stepping up as a leader for certain rides.  Looks like we're going to have to find another nick name for Mike. "Second Wind Mike" just isn't cutting it anymore.  Looking forward to see Mike riding strong this year.






Saturday 6/30/18


Ron Malone Special


Brickwell (Farmingdale)

Start Time:



44 miles


Sunday 7/1/18: 


Hegmans / Moores 



Start Time:

8:00 am


 49 miles



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