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MBC meets every Saturday and Sunday for club rides. All rides start at 8:00 am.  The MBC Ride Bulletin will be posted on Facebook and our website weekly and will include all ride details. Listed below is the breakout of the 3 levels:


CLICK HERE:   for starting location

A Level ­

Average Speed

18­‐20+ mph



AA 20+ mph (drop)


A 18 - 20 mph (no drop)


B Level ­

Avgerage Speed

14‐18 mph



BB 16 - 18+ mph (drop)

B 14 - 16 mph (no drop)



C Level ­

Average Speed

10‐14 mph



CC 12 - 14+ mph (drop)


C 10 - 14 mph (no drop)


*"No drop" rides are within reason. "No drop" groups will wait a reasonable amount of time for the rider to catch back up.  It is the responsibility of each rider to know the route.


CLICK HERE to learn more about "DROP" and "NO DROP


MBC News:

Brian G.

Brian has become one of the strongest MBC riders in the shortest amount of time that MBC has seen this season.  Brian came into the club knowing very little about cycling.  He would ask questions, take recommendations, try new things and most importantly, train very, very hard.  Brian is the type of rider that will keep pushing way after he has run out of gas.  Truly inspiring.  Congratulations on a SOLID seoson of cycling  with MBC!



Guru Fit

A breath of fresh air in the bike fitting approach for cyclists.  One of the most essential parts of cycling is making sure you're positioned on your bike in the most comfortable and efficient position possible.  A perfect fit ideally allows the rider to reduce fatigue during long rides and simultaneously produce the most amount of power to the pedals possible.  Centimeters of change can significantly affect one's performance on a bike.  Guru Fit takes care of all that faster and more accurately than most traditional fitting techniques.  The difference is that all the alterations happen under you without having to ever get off the bike making the experience easier to digest. The Guru Fit machine also remembers several seat and handlebar combinations which with a click of a button, can immediately be compared as many times as the rider needs until they're satisfied.  No more getting on and off the bike 25 to 30 times while making adjustments manually. Consider getting a Guru Fit. You will not regret it.  This is the perfect time of the year to make adjustments to your bike.



Carlos Y.

Carlos Yanez has been putting some serious training in this year!  If he's not on the bike, he's running 5K's, doing cross-fit, doing a sufferfest trainer session or all of the above.  All this while working a fulltime job in the city.  Truly admirable. Furthermore, Carlos will give you a run for your money on these rides.  He has a very strong motor and can handle a bike quite well.  I've seen Carlos go from a recreational rider to being able to hang on with A Level riders.  COngratulations Carlos.  I know you'll have a great 2015 season with TOMBC.  


Phil D.

He is known as the instigator.  You’ll see him fly past you when you least expect it.  He will outsmart you on a long climb.  Phil Davies has been with MBC from the beginning and has grown immensely as a cyclist.  Besides his raw power and bike handling skills, Phil has a ton of experience and great technique.  One can learn many great aspects of cycling just by riding behind him and watching how he rides in a group.  Phil has that ability to get in front of the group and just get everyone excited to jump out of their saddles in a chase.  He will make you work hard and will revive the group during those times where you feel like there’s no more gas in your tank.  Phil can also climb extremely well and at over 6 feet tall, that is very impressive.  MBC is very lucky to have such a talented and genuinely nice person on board.  




Virtual Jersey Competition

Check out our Virtual Jersey Competition happening every Sunday!

Saturday: 3/28






Sunday: 3/29





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